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Helping your child with their learning

Establishing routines and expectations

The school has provided students with a timetable for their learning. This can be found on the grade page.

Remember to take regular breaks for activity, eating and drinking. In the activitiy breaks, it is important that students get up and move around.

Establish routines and expectations. You should use the timetable provided by the school to set regular hours for school work.

Keep normal bedtime routines for younger children and expect the same from your older primary and high school aged children too.

It is important that you set these expectations as soon as possible, not several days later after it becomes apparent a child is struggling with the absence of routine.

Use the remote learning guidelines for parents and students to support you in this process.

Remote learning guidelines for students and parents

Communicating with your child

We encourage you to start and finish each day with a simple check-in.

These check-ins should be a regular part of each day.

Not all students thrive in a remote learning environment; some struggle with too much independence or lack of structure and the check-ins will help keep them on track.

There are some hints below that parents and carers can use.  

In the morning, ask:

  • What are you learning today?
  • What are your learning targets or goals?
  • How will you be spending your time?
  • What resources do you require?
  • What support do you need?

In the afternoon, ask:

  • What did you learn today?
  • Acknowledge one thing that was difficult. Either let it go or come up with a strategy to deal with the same problem if is comes up again.
  • Consider three things the went well today. Why were they good?
  • Are you ok? Do you need to ask your teacher for something? Do you need help with something to make tomorrow more successful?